Patch v1.95 changelog 02 Nov 2019, 22:42

General Improvements

  • EXP/SP rates were increased significantly in order to attract new players to the game and help them to get involved instantly. (Solo: 100x, Party 130x)
  • Devil's spirit magicstone has been temporarily removed from the NPC.
  • Pandora's box price has been decreased from 50k to 30k Radium Points.
  • God's bless items price has been decreased from 250k to 25k Radium Points.
  • Elite mobs spawn bug has been fixed. From now on the uniques will summon decent amount of mobs.
  • The honor system has temporarily removed, we are doing amazing things with it please be patient. For now there's no way to get the honor points.
  • Elixirs drop rate has been increased significantly
  • Plus Notice hiding function is fixed. You are now able to hide your plus notices in the your website profile settings.
  • A few fixes on some missing item's names.
  • Following your suggestions, we have also enabled credits per unique kill system to make those kills more worthy.
    • Isyutaru kill would reward you with 30 credits
    • Lord Yarkan kill would reward you with 40 credits.
    • Demon Shaitan kill would reward you with 50 credits.
    • Tiger Girl / Uruchi kill would reward you with 100 credits.

Survival Arena Rebuild

  • Major changes in the way the system is operating.
  • Survival timing fixed.
  • Survival registration fixed.
  • Survival participants names are now hidden.
  • Survival participants will have a constant outfit for everyone (special uniform)
  • Survival participants will have the same glow for every weapon/shield worn (visually).
  • Survival participants guild names/emblems are now hidden.
  • Timer indicator will be shown on the top right corner when you start to fight each other. - Some of the survival messages will be shown only to the survival participants, to prevent message spam.
  • Leaving the survival arena isn't allowed anymore, by doing it you will be spawned in near the gate with no option to enter again.
  • Public chat is now disabled on the survival arena.

These efforts were made to make it nearly impossible for players to team up or recognize their fellow members. You will not see any visual detail that can tell about player specifically. Furthermore, you won't be able to detect weak players and get kills on them since the module switcher won't let you to know the degrees of the char for sure. Not even the glow of the weapon can tell about the players strength, the glow is same glow for everyone.


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