New update and concerns of the community 20 Oct 2019, 16:08


I know the communication about this update was a bit bad, and that's on me I apologize.
I'm aware of everything you guys tell us and suggest. **With this update we prioritized all the bug fixes.** That's why you won't see a lot of new stuff added into the game but believe me we will add them once all the bugs are fixed.

I have also noticed that a lot of you are concerned about the server and the majority of you want us to re-open the server and start from fresh. Let me tell you something. We are not one of those servers,
we won't close/re-open the server any time soon. We will work as hard as possible to please every single player and we will make radium perfect one day, we won't give up until we achieve that goal.

**The update will take place during the day before the PvP Event. We will make another announcement when are ready to post update.**

**Update contains**

-Removed mastery scrolls from NPC
-Pandora box price has been reduced to 50k Radium points. 
-Mercenary prices have been reduced to 100 Radium points.
-Stats reset scroll has been fixed.
-Skills reset scroll has been fixed.
-Survival Arena has been fixed. 
Survival Arena hours: (Server Time): 14:00 / 19:00 / 22:00
Registration period is set to 15 minutes.

The rewards will be as follows:
#1 = 150 credits
#2 = 120 credits
#3 = 90 credits
#4 = 60 credits.
#5 = 30 credits

-RP / Gold goods has been renamed in order to make it easier for thief's to know what type of goods they stole.
-HT FW registration period has been adjusted.
-Job system RP reward has been fixed.
-Fixed "char not found" in Radium Window.
-Minor delay improvements.
-Automated server backups has been re-enabled.
-Lucky staller event fixed.
-General improvements / optimizations / Minor errors fixes / Cleanups.
-Special event zone will be opened / closed by GMs to host events.
-3M SP compensation to the existing chars, and for newly created chars.
-Skill pointer title requirements has been adjusted due to the SP compensation stated above.
-Added missing titles.


30/10 06:27
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